Vigora 50 Review: Will This Drug Be Phased Out Soon?

Vigora 50 Review

Brand: Vigora

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: German Remedies

Country of Manufacture: India

Vigora 50 Package Image

Review and Description

Vigora 50 is one Sildenafil Citrate product classified as a generic option for impotence treatment. This drug is made by the company German Remedies from India, one of the many generic manufacturers in the country. Vigora 50 is one of the choices for generic replacements for Viagra—not that the brand drug is ineffective—because the drug is too expensive to afford by every person suffering from impotence.

This Vigora 50 drug utilizes the same active content found in Viagra. The product has the iconic Sildenafil citrate content, the world’s first PDE5 inhibitor drug. Sildenafil in Vigora exhibits effectiveness in the males with impotence by encouraging blood flow to the penis region and allowing the proper erectile response to commence in the presence of sexual stimuli. Despite Vigora’s generic nature, you can still expect the same erectile function enhancing effect from it due to its Sildenafil Citrate content.

German Remedies is the company which created the drug Vigora, a company which is now a subsidiary of the Indian company Zydus Cadila or Cadila Pharmaceuticals. German Remedies was acquired by Cadila in 2015 to strengthen its reach to India and other neighboring countries. Since the company German Remedies is now a part of Zydus Cadila, the company has no identity of its own, as it now carries the brand of the company which now owns it. Cadila, though, is well recognized for its high-quality products, although it is unsure if the company will still continue manufacturing Vigora given its acquisition of the former company German Remedies.

Customer Reviews

Consumer reports for Vigora from German Remedies still exist although there were only limited annotations for the product. Here are some of the few references to the drug found on the internet:

According to one user, “Olof”, he prefers Tadalafil over Vigora 100 because the drug took more time to kick in when taken. However, he also mentioned that the drug was “certainly not too bad”.

“Kirk”, on the one hand, appreciated the product Vigora. According to him, he had a good result out of the Vigora product albeit he had some undesirable symptoms such as a headache and eye strain. He did not mind the side effects, though, as he was able to enjoy the benefits of the drug more than its side effects.

Pricing and Dosage

Vigora is available in 50 mg and 100 mg tablets and manufactured only in hard pill form. Regarding dosage, the drug still takes after the Viagra product—it is still recommended to use 50 mg to 100 mg of Vigora, as needed, for patients with impotence. However, like Viagra, patients are recommended to use Vigora only once in a 24-hour period.

According to the available web price for Vigora, the drug is available for

According to the available web price for Vigora, the drug is available for $8.92 for 4 tablets of the 100 mg and for $5.98 for 4 tablets of the 50 mg product. These prices are cheap and more affordable than the brand Viagra product.

How to Buy Vigora 50 Online

Even if Vigora is sold online, the websites selling the product do not cater to consumers outside India. Also, there is no knowing if the shops with the product are reliable enough since they do not have reviews from their former consumers.

If you want a safe place to shop your generic Sildenafil product from, you should consider Fildena from Pharmacy Mall and Canada Pharmacy 24h.

However, since these shops do not currently have Vigora in stock, you may need to consider other effective Sildenafil substitutes to Vigora like the product Fildena. Like Vigora, you can purchase Fildena at a cheap price, helping you to maximize your savings. Plus, the stores also offer freebies and free shipping which can help you get further value for your money.

How to Use

Vigora tablets are prescription only and should be taken by patients with actual chronic impotence and not by patients seeking an enhanced sexual experience. Once you have a legitimate prescription for the product, you should follow your dosage religiously and refrain from taking a larger dose than you are recommended.

Take Vigora only as needed, about 30 minutes before your sexual interaction. You should take only one dose of the drug in 24 hours and keep away from alcohol, nitrate medicines, blood pressure lowering medicines, alpha blockers, protease inhibitors, and other drugs.

If you have other medical conditions, let your doctors know about them because they may have to adjust your prescription depending on your other existing diseases.

Side Effects

There are some side effects identified for Sildenafil Citrate use, so patients should watch out for mild side effects such as headaches, skin flushing, nasal congestion, and even stomach pain.

These symptoms should go away in a few hours, but if they are bothering you more than you think they should, let your doctors know.

Conclusion with Rating

Vigora is another generic alternative to Viagra from Pfizer. It is cheap and it contains the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate renowned for its effectiveness in the patients. Unfortunately, the company which makes this drug, German Remedies, was recently acquired by the company Zydus Cadila. This means that the drug Vigora is at risk of being phased out in the market or being replaced by Cadila’s own Sildenafil Citrate brand. Rating: 3 out of 5.

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